The cost for members to join the Whistling Bullets Shooting Sports Club is simply the $40 4-H yearly registration fee.  That $40 fee goes to the County Extension office and covers 4-H insurance as well and training for our club leaders.  It’s important to realize that no part of that $40 fee actually goes toward the club’s operating expense. This year we are asking each 4H member to pay an additional $60 to help offset the cost of ammunition, equipment, etc.

But don’t let the low cost of membership fool you!  The Whistling Bullets Shooting Sports Club requires nearly $10,000 per year to operate.  That cost includes range time, clay targets, firearms, equipment, cleaning supplies, and lots of ammunition.  Over 75% of our yearly operating costs are covered by our extremely generous sponsors, and a small percentage is covered through fundraising.

Meet our sponsors:

Eagle Valley Rod and Gun Club / Town of Gypsum Shooting Sports Park

The Eagle Valley Rod and Gun Club is our largest sponsor.  They provide exclusive range access for our club on Thursday evenings throughout May, June and July.  In addition to the range access, they provide thousands of dollars of clay targets for trap shooting and use of the trap throwing equipment.

The NRA Foundation & Friends of the NRA

NRAThe NRA Foundation & Friends of the NRA have supported the Whistling Bullets 4-H club for nearly 10 years by providing new equipment each year.  You name it, shotguns, rifles, air rifles, air pistols, archery equipment, muzzleloaders, cleaning supplies, safety equipment.  The NRA has provided much of it over the years to keep our club operational.

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